Bosses are enemies with complex patterns that require multiple hits, generally 4, to defeat. Often, their battles take place in enclosed areas that prevent the protagonist from exiting.


A complete list of bosses and the areas they're in, including how to defeat them.

Area Name To Defeat
Jump on his head while avoiding him and the fireball that follows him.
Jump on him when he turns yellow, and if you're in difficult or masterful, divebomb on him. Avoid him and his lasers.
Avoid the fireballs, and hit the blue fireballs back at him.
When he lands on the ground, jump on him. Avoid the big boulders that bounce around, him, and the small boulders he aims at you.
When he starts shaking, jump up the yellow energy and jump on him. Avoid the lasers he shoots and the beams of light that appear near the ground.
When he turns grey, jump on him. When he's red avoid him and the blobs of slime he shoots.
When he stops to rest at the bottom left, jump on him. Avoid him and either jump or avoid the small ghosts he sends out.
When it stops making fire, divebomb on it. Avoid the fireballs and the fire he makes.
When the sword stops moving, aim it at the mummy so that it hits the mummy. While the sword is moving, avoid it and the balls that the mummy sends out.
Fluffy XR-9
While he's shooting his machine gun, avoid the bullets. After that, he starts divebombing you. Jump around him and don't let him hit you. As soon as he starts making rockets, jump on them from bottom to top and hit the bump on his bottom.
Avoid him while he bounces around, avoid the spikes he makes, and avoid him sliding around. Then, when he turns transparent, bounce on him.
While he's shooting ice bullets, avoid them. When he's preparing his laser, hide in the overhang of the segment after his head. When the spikes on one of his segments disappear, jump over him and bounce on the segment.
Dark Grotto
Avoid him as he jumps around, and try to get him on a side. Go to the opposite side and avoid his fireballs coming at you. Then, charge up your ice shot and shoot his big fireball. When he makes another one, shoot that one as well.
The Curtain
The Ninja
Avoid his shurikens and while he rests, jump on him.
Avoid him, the snowballs he sends at you, and jump on him while he rests.
Final Climb
Black Ninja
Avoid his shurikens, and jump on him while he rests.
Final Climb
Final Boss
In his first form, send the big balls of energy he makes back at him by hitting them, and avoid the small balls of energy.

In his second form, avoid the lasers and the eyes, and then when they turn white, jump on them. The second time this happens, make sure you jump on the same one you jumped on before.

In his third form, avoid him, his lasers, the small balls of energy he makes, and the big laser he makes. Then jump on him.

In his fourth form, avoid him and his lasers, and when he turns white jump on him.

In his fifth form, stay alive.