Farfall screen a8 regular
General Information


Music Down
Hearts 6
Heart Doors 2
Blue Orbs 1
Gold Orbs 1
Bosses FarFall Boss

Farfall is a location in An Untitled Story. It is found below Sky Town and atop The Bottom. It also provides access to StoneCastle.


The player will first enter Farfall through Sky Town. At the ledge on the far left, where a red bird sits, the protagonist should continue off the edge, where they will descend into the area. Ultimately they will land on the ground where two sets of breakable blocks lie. The divebombing ability is necessary to advance farther.


Many of Farfall's screens have white backgrounds with pink clouds. Solid layers are typically grey.

Farfall is mostly made up of two columns, and as a result, much of its travel involves going downwards. When the player breaks the rocks, they can choose to enter the left passage or continue falling through a spiked passage.



  • A heart is found behind a heart door by going through the spike passage and requires the yellow energy boost to obtain.
  • The player can pop a set of balloons clockwise, causing a heart to appear.
  • The player can kill the three blue bats near the top of the area, causing another heart to appear.
  • There is a treasure chest four screens from the top, which the player can solve and get another heart.
  • Two screens above the entrance to The Bottom, three balloons will appear, and the third has an exclamation mark on it and reveals a heart when popped.


  • A Blue Orb is found behind a heart door if the player falls to the bottom of the spiked passage. This powerup increases the number of crystals found in pots.
  • A golden orb can be acquired after defeating the blue rock boss.