An Untitled Story's soundtrack was composed by game creator Matt Thorson, which is available for download in the MIDI format.


Number Title Location played
01 A Child Playing Bells Title screen
02 NightWalk NightWalk
03 Caves Grotto
04 Nature Dance DeepTower
05 E ColdKeep
06 Vacation SkyTown
07 Up NightClimb
08 Down FarFall
09 Heavy Stone Feet StoneCastle
10 Molasses Progress DeepDive
11 Lava Bingo FireCage
12 Precipitation Cloudrun
13 At The Bottom The Bottom
14 Bonus Bonus
15 Spanish Inquisition SkySand
16 BassMan HighLands
17 In The Dark DarkGrotto
18 God Was Inside Us All Along The Curtain
19 Cheery Tings RainbowDive
20 Slow Sun LongBeach
21 Telling Time Ice Castle
22 Eventually Staircase
23 Open Air Skylands
24 The Librarian Library
25 Readsomebooks Blancland
26 Mist Mountside
27 The Chase Black Castle
28 The Final Climb FinalClimb
29 Grand Finale FinalBoss battle
30 Newboss Most boss battles
31 AstroCrash AstroCrash (minigame)
32 JumpBox JumpBox (minigame)
33 Keep Going!! Keep Going!! (minigame)
34 BlackJack BlackJack (minigame)
35 Organ Beatdown Chest minigames
36 Ghosts Appearance of ghosts in most areas of the game
37 Multiplay Default Heist Mode music
38 Quiet Conversation The cutscene that takes place inside the pink bird's house.
39 Angels Credits
40 Game Over Game Over
41 Grand Finale (Extended) Unused
42 God Was Inside Us All Along (Extended) Unused
43 StrangeCastle (Unused) Unused
44 CountDown FinalBoss battle (countdown phase)
45 Guessing Wrong Undertomb
46 Devious Secrets Strange Castle
47 Newnewboss Boss fights in Insanity
48 Shakespeare Ninja battles

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