Save Point

A save point

Save points are interactive objects scattered throughout the world of An Untitled Story.

Physical appearanceEdit

Save points are grey coloured and have curved sides. They are widest at the base and thinnest in the middle. Several jagged points are visible at the top of the save point, possibly resembling a rooster's cockscomb. 


At least one save point is present in every zone. When the player down, the game's progress is saved and the player's health fully restored.

Additional abilitiesEdit

Before gaining access to SkyTown, the player must cross a gap. Should the player fall down this gap, a save point is located at the bottom. In addition, the teleport ability can be picked up. If the player somehow misses the ability, it can also be obtained next to the save point in Farfall

Once the player has gained the ability to teleport, while next to a save point, the "action key" (default X) can be pressed. A teleportation map appears, in which the player can navigate with the arrow keys. All save points are marked with a capital "S". 

The player does not have to save on a save point in order to teleport to it. Viewing the save point within the screen it is on allows the player to teleport there at another save point. This maneuver is necessary to access the blue orb in SkySand.