Chest in Nightclimb

A treasure chest in NightClimb

Treasure chests are interactive objects in An Untitled Story. They have a mini game that, once beaten, allows the player to receive its contents.


Treasure chests appear as purple boxes with pink vertical stripes. They have a trapezoidal shaped lid that has the same colour and patterns as the box does.


Chests are encountered in certain locations throughout the game. They are typically faded in the background until approached, of which they become fully visible. When a red exclamation point appears over the chest, the player can interact with it using the action key.

There are six treasure chests in the entire game:

  • DeepDive - At the screen with the sloped rock, the protagonist should enter a narrow passage found to the left and continue until they see a heart. The chest will be seen underneath the wooden structure.
  • Farfall - Found to the far left at the bottom portion of Farfall that is next to StoneCastle.
  • NightClimb - The player should jump off to the right of either the area where they fought the boss or the heart found in the open and stay close to the tree trunk. They will eventually land on a branch with a chest on it.
  • NightWalk - This chest is found in the upper portion of NightWalk, on the grass that lies over a row of crushers.
  • SkyLands - This can be accessed by falling off a platform near the entrance to Icecastle that is connected to The Curtain. It is the leftmost platform in the area, found on a piece of land with a single tree on it.
  • SkySand - The player must first reach the top of the area where the golden orb is obtained, then fall off the right side. The chest will be seen next to the statue.


When the player interacts with the treasure chest for the first time, the keeper of the chest will introduce itself and explain the basics of the puzzle game presented to the player. If the player visits another chest after talking with the keeper, they are shown the puzzle right away.

If the player solves the puzzle within the chest, a "You win!" screen appears briefly and the player is given a sum of crystals as well as a heart. Treasure chests, like crystals, are saved automatically once completed and won't reappear if the player completes one and then reverts to a previous save.


The player is shown a board with a set of movable blocks and one or more X markings. Blocks slide in a continuous direction until they hit another block. The objective is to get a block to cover each of the x's.


  • Action - Selects a block
  • Arrow keys - Moves the block in the selected direction
  • Shoot - Resets the puzzle
  • Pause - Exits the chest



Puzzle DeepDive


FarFall puzzle solution


NightClimb puzzle solution


Puzzle NightWalk



SkySand puzzle solution